25kg Peanut Splits Baked
25kg Peanut Splits Baked

25kg Peanut Splits Baked

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Winston Wilds 25kg Peanut Splits (Baked)

Winston Wilds baked peanuts. With the increasing cost of whole wild bird peanuts, we are delighted to offer a cheaper alternative. Oozing with oils, these plump baked split peanuts have been a hit with our feathered friends through many months of testing. Loved by the tit family and woodpeckers. Try some today, save money and enjoy your new visitors.

Note: colour and appearence of nut may change.


Split Peanuts


  • Loved by Tit family and the spectacular woodpecker

  • High in oil and protein content which provides an invaluable high energy source

  • Ideal for all year round feeding

  • Suitable for Peanut Feeders or crushed onto bird tables and ground feeders

  • A complementary feed – feed as required

  • Store in a cool dry environment, ideally in a sealed container.

  • Not for human consumption

  • Wild birds appreciate fresh water for drinking and bathing

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